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Follow the link: https://www.animaker.com/dashboard

Register on the website and make a 60 seconds to 2 minutes animation video about of any topic you want as long as it is not offensive.


Appropriate music/audio included   _____/10
Contains multiple scenes (at least 3) with different things happening   _____/10
Must have a plot and general point—can be entertaining, but has to make sense   _____/10
Quality of animation (multiple angles, use of text, motion, etc.)   _____/20
Minimum 60 seconds (all or nothing)   _____/05
URL submitted for finished project (unless Flash—upload to SchoolTube)   _____/05
TOTAL:   _____/60



  1. My Life at Saint John Mary International School
  2. Beautiful Places and things to do in Thailand
  3. Wonderful Things of my City
  4. Describing my Life in 90 Seconds
  5. My Travels around the world.
  6. Anti-drug Abuse video
  7. Self-improvement Video

Any videos you have in mind as long as it is positive and will make the students life  improve.

Make sure to ask approval from me first before starting to do it.